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You would like to hook up a Wireless Router for your lab,


Due to UCSB Network Citizenship Policy,

Citation of UCSB Network Citizenship Policy

Providing to campus Network Security personnel the specific source system and responsible individual for network traffic observed on the campus backbone, given a date, time, Internet Protocol address, and port number. Identification of source systems must be possible for one month after traffic was sent.

  • This has significant implications for use of wireless or NAT, as such systems frequently lack sufficient accounting as required by this section. As with any system, the Network Administrator may deem these systems unsupportable, and thus prohibited from deployment on the network in accordance with 2.e above.

ECI cannot authorize the hookup of any Wireless Router onto the wired network that ECI supports due to the nature most Wireless Routers currently do not provide adequate identification of responsibility for traffic use of an individual.

ECI cannot support or guarantee network connectivity for Wireless Routers placed on wired networks supported by ECI.

If there are issues with wireless connectivity that needs to be addressed, please contact, providing them the location that you are having issues and see if it can be surveyed.

This is only best effort support that can be offered by the campus with regards to WiFi connectivity.

There may be a cost involved to support an area of demand, so you may need to contact your Primary Instigator or your Department if the need to improve an area.

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