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This is a quick guide to setup Outlook on iPhone/iPad to UCSB Connect for Mail, Contacts and Calendar.

First, start Outlook on your iPhone/iPad.

First time start up should look like this:

Tap on Get Started.

On this screen, it is asking if you want to be notified on your iPhone/iPad for notifications.  You can change this later in Settings on your iPhone/iPad later if you change your mind.  It will follow up with the permission request (Shown on right side) if you do choose Notify Me.

On this screen, it will ask for you to specify the email address you are connecting to.  Near the bottom, you will see a few @domains listed. For the ease of setting up your UCSB Connect account, you will want to have your UCSBNetID and click on the button so it shows:


This will then take you to a Google Accounts login screen like this one (Shown on the Left below):

You will want to put in your UCSB Connect email then click Next.

It will then prompt you for your UCSB Connect email password, enter that and click Next.

It will then ask you if you wish to save the password for Outlook.  We would recommend Save Password for ease of use.

Once this is done, it will ask if you want to setup another account.  You should answer Maybe Later unless there is another account you want to set up on Outlook.


The Outlook app will not pull the UCSB Directory for auto completion when composing emails.

The Outlook Calendar Invitation may have issues doing look up for names in the UCSB Connect system.  It would be advisable to make sure your most commonly contacted invitees are in your UCSB Connect Contacts.

The Outlook app will not allow you to add or edit Contacts to your UCSB Connect through the app at this time.  You will need to use the Web Interface to add/modify Contacts on UCSB Connect with this link: