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This is a quick guide to setup Apple Mail on iPhone/iPad to UCSB Connect for Mail, Contacts and Calendar.

First, we need to go into Settings.  This is the gear like icon with Settings under it.

We will want to scroll down to Mail and select that

Then tap on Accounts to pull up the following window:

From here, we will want to tap on Google. Which will lead us to the next window:

Here, you will enter your UCSB Connect email address (IE:

Tap on Next, then put in your UCSB Connect Email password and tap Next once again.  Once you do that, the following screen will appear:

This screen is confirming what you wish to have synced from your UCSB Connect account to your iOS device.  In most cases, you want Mail, Contacts, and Calendars to sync to your iOS device.


The iPhone/iPad Contacts and Calendar, by default, save to the iCloud Contacts and Calendar unless set differently.  If you wish to create new Contacts or Calendar invites on the UCSB Connect Account, you will need to do the following…

For Contacts

  1. Go to Settings

  2. Tap on Contacts

  3. Tap on Default Account

  4. Select the account you want to have contacts written to (IE: iCloud for just your personal, or Gmail for your UCSB Connect Account.)

For Calendar

  1. Go to Settings

  2. Tap on Calendar

  3. Tap on Default Calendar

  4. Select the Calendar you want to have your calendar appointments written to.

Also, the Calendar will only show Calendars you have created on your UCSB Connect Account.  Calendars shared to your UCSB Connect Account are not synced with the Calendar App. If you wish to see the shared calendars, you may want to consider using Google Calendar as an alternative.

Calendar invites from the Calendar app will only look up people within your Contacts on your iPhone/iPad or you can manually enter in their email to invite them.  It will not lookup the UCSB Identity directory.

For further information, you can refer to UCSB Connect’s resources here: