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There are multiple license for Microsoft Office or its equivalents at UCSB. You may fit into one or more of the below categories.


All UCSB students with a UMail account are eligible for a free Mac/PC copy of Microsoft Office 365 via the Student Advantage program.

Please see:

Faculty, lecturers, and staff inside the College of Engineering

Faculty, lecturers, and departmental staff for the College of Engineering can get it here, using the College of Engineering Account Login.

For Macs: Once you login to the above portal and download the Office 2019 zip file, it will unzip into a folder with two packages, both need to be run for Office 2019 to work.

Office is registered with a serial number, when opening office for the first time, DO NOT SIGN IN, if you sign in, it will wipe the serial number and attempt to register the software with a Microsoft account.

When launching office for the very fist time, just click the small-font option that says "skip" the login. You can then open a new office document.

Windows 10 Users

There is a problem with Microsoft Edge with our website as far as getting the software is concerned.

We recommend you use either Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox to download the software.

Other members of the UCSB Community.

Anyone with a UCSBnetID may use the online version of Microsoft Office found inside or Google Apps (Docs, Sheets, Slides) within Google Drive , which is associated with your UCSB Connect account:

Free alternatives to Microsoft Office, such as LibreOffice and OpenOffice, are offered from a variety of sources.

Microsoft Office is available on all COE lab computers. Please see: Where are the ECI Labs?

Microsoft Office is also available in several locations across campus such as in the Collaborate labs and in the UCSB Library.

If you are not a member of the College of Engineering, please inquire with your departmental IT organization for more information about departmental labs and licenses.

Anyone who does not qualify for the above licenses such as post-docs may still be eligible for the online-only version of Microsoft Office provided directly to people with an .edu email address by Microsoft.

Please see:

You normally are only eligible for one license at a time, students under the student advantage license, graduate students under a departmental license and Faculty and full time administrative staff under the College of Engineering License may get error messages telling them to contact their system administrator.

If you still wish to have a local copy of Microsoft Office on your computer and do not fall under the above categories, you can purchase an academic priced copy of Microsoft Office through one of the following options: