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You are trying to create your CSIL/Account using your UCSBNetID but you get a message saying:

Your UCSBNetID is not authorized for an account.


  1. You just recent added the course - Our account provisioning system has not caught up with the registrar system with regards to the change.
  2. You are an Extension Student - Our account provisioning system does not receive information with regards to Extension Students at this time.
  3. You are crashing the course - Just like adding the course, the system has no means to know you are in the course or not.
  4. You already have an College of Engineering Account


Here are your only options at this time

  1. Recently added the course - Please give the system 1 business day to catch up, then try again.
  2. Extension Students - You will need to contact You will be provided an extension account that will be usable for a short period of time.
  3. Crashing the Course - At this time, we can only provide accounts upon proof of enrollment with the course.
  4. Already have a College of Engineering Account - This only happens if you took a College of Engineering course or tried to crash one in the past. You can try and see if it is still around by going to and try logging in there, or contact if you forgot what your username is.