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This article addresses the reasoning for the requirement to register devices for network connections.


UCSB Network Citizenship

Per the Network Citizenship outline specified here:

The above statement was written in 1990 in an Internet Engineering Task Force Request For Comments (RFC) describing the basic responsibilities of network managers. In the intervening years, changes in technology, in the way the network is used and abused, and in the legal obligations of those providing network services have created a growing set of challenges to the successful maintenance of an effective Internet. For the UCSB campus data network to be able to meet institutional goals and responsibilities, the following issues must be addressed:

  1. The security and integrity of the campus network must be maintained. In addition to the efforts required for normal operation, there is an increased need to address the effects of viruses, worms, and other security exploits, both to minimize their disruptive effects and to limit institutional legal liability.
  2. Access to campus network resources needs to be controllable based on the usage and licensing requirements of those services.
  3. The source of network traffic must be identifiable (both the source system and the person responsible for that system) to be able to appropriately respond to security compromises and other problems, in addition to limiting institutional liability.

Compliance to UCSB Network Citizenship

In order for ECI to be compliant to Campus Network Citizenship Policies, ECI needs to be able to identify the machine's location and owner to have issues reported by the Office of Information Technologies (OIT) having either vulnerabilities or being considered compromised that need to be addressed.

When OIT Security reports happen, we have found it difficult to notify or locate machines that were not registered with us to keep in compliance with the Campus Network Citizenship.

Compliance Requirements

Any device that is to be connected to the network via Ethernet that is managed by ECI will need to register per the instructions listed at Requesting a Network Connection.

Devices will need to be up to date with firmware or operating system related to this.

For Network Printer devices, it is highly recommended to contact ECI before purchasing so as to get the proper printer for Network Security Compliance.

Failure to have devices registered and their consequences

While some subnets do have open pool addresses, there is only a limited pool to prevent possible abuse, and it also means there is no guarantee you will be able to have access to the network if the open pool addresses are all used up.

By having your device registered, you will be guaranteed an IP address, as well as allowing us to be able to alert you in a timely manner in case your device has been reported as compromised by OIT.

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