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titleThe software is licensed, but under a different contract, portal, or email

This usually happens when you have had the software for a while and Adobe updates.

Adobe usually forces software to recheck serial numbers and accounts using said serial after major updates in order to weed out everyone using pirated software or are using more devices than their contract allows.

When the software was purchased, you or your department should have received an email with both the serial number and the account name that will be used to sign in.

  1. Adobe software is case sensitive, space sensitive, and has auto-correct and autofill enabled
  2. Be very careful about what alias is used to sign in. and may go to the same inbox, but if the email does not match what is on the license contract exactly, no license being found.
  3. Do not use Google or SSO sign-in portals.  The college of engineering uses volume licenses.  This gives cheaper costs but software is not tied to any external account.
    1. Always sign in with email and the password you set when creating your Adobe account. Even if the email and credentials are correct, using the wrong portal will result in no license being found.
  4. Be very careful about which password you use.  As mentioned above, a password is set when you created your Adobe account. Changing your COE or UCSBnetID password does not change your Adobe password.
    1. If you forgot your password, there is a password reset link that will send a recovery code to the email associated with your Adobe account.


titleThe software is licensed, but Adobe's anti-piracy features blocked you
  1. This may occur if you are signed into adobe on too many products. Most contracts are for a single seat (user) or computer. 
    1. If you recently installed a virtual machine, adobe counts that as a second computer. If your contract is for one computer, the second operating system will be unlicensed. removing the virtual machine will fix this.
    2. If your contract is for one seat (user) the software can be installed on multiple machines, but must be signed out of before using it on any other computer. Failure to do so will result in un-licensing of the extra machines. signing out of all devices then signing in on one device sill fix this.
  2. This may also occur through no fault of your own. If Adobe blocks an IP address used by the VPN or a guest pool due to abuse, because all IPs are first come, first serve in such situations, an innocent party may be blocked after the abuser moves on to another IP. This usually requires a call to adobe support requesting the blocked IP be unblocked.  All campus networks are monitored, pirated software may result in your accounts or ability to sign into campus networks being revoked.
  3. Adobe has also be known to block entire departments for the actions of one user for bulk software purchases.  This usually requires a call to adobe support and the revocation of the abusive users rights to use said software.


titleThe software is licensed, but an adobe update corrupted the installation.

If you are sure of your serial number, accounts used to sign in, and that you are not being blocked but are still seeing the free trial countdown or a message saying the serial number has been revoked, you may have login information, a corrupted update may force you to completely uninstall and reinstall the software.

Re-installation may be required if there is a gap in contract (license expires before new contract starts), if the serial number has been revoked and re-authorized, or if you installed incompatible software.