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New Webpages

Most departments can create webpages for Faculty, Researchers, Staff and Students that hang off the departmental website

To create such a webpage:

  1. Contact your Departmental Webmaster
  2. Said Departmental Webmaster can import CoE account profiles to a departmental website to allow users to login to said website.  While many CoE accounts, such as for faculty, have the correct website permissions by default, other accounts will need to have those permissions added. Only the Departmental webmaster or full time faculty/staff can request permissions be added to CoE accounts.
  3. The Departmental Webmaster can then add roles to imported accounts. Most accounts will have "limited role", meaning you can only edit specific pages granted to you by your Departmental Webmaster
  4. The Departmental Webmaster can then create a page for you or for your event/group/research area/tech report
  5. The Departmental Webmaster can then change ownership of the page to the individual  or group that will be editing it
  6. Edit your new web page to your liking

New Websites

Occasionally groups need more control or space than can be provided by a simple web page and need a full website. See: Where can I get a Lab/Research Website?

All new websites are Drupal based and hosted via UCSB's Pantheon Cloud Web Services

Unfortunately most HTML and Wordpress sites do not meet the minimum UC required security or accessibility guidelines. While older websites in those formats do exist and are still hosted, we are actively converting them to Drupal websites and migrating them to UCSB's Pantheon Cloud Web Services.

Old HTML and Wordpress Websites hosted out of CoE accounts

We understand that once papers are published, it is not possible to change website links. It is possible however to redirect links. See: Web: How to redirect a webpage via your CoE account. Websites and redirects created in this manner will only last as long as the CoE account they were created in. If your CoE account is expired or deleted due to you no longer being part of the UCSB Community or because Alumni Forwarding has been enabled, the website will cease to function. ECI is not responsible for maintaining, updating, or making sure links on personal websites connect. All personal websites are tied to a single person, if you are interested in a website for multiple people or a group please see: Where can I get a Lab/Research Website?

If your website does not meet UC required security or accessibility guidelines it can be taken down at any time. Owners of old websites that are not compliant should contact the CoE webmaster Jack Liu (webhelp AT and schedule a time with him to work out the particulars and needs for a replacement Drupal website. Please be aware that due to the backlog of sites being converted, you should contact Jack at least one month before a new website is needed.

Websites hosted by third party vendors

ECI is not responsible for maintaining, updating, or making sure links on third party websites connect. If you are hosting your website via a third party, it is your responsibility to make sure your website meets UC required security or accessibility guidelines. According to the UC office of the President, requests for website changes are up 181% since 2017.  It is highly recommended that website owners audit themselves once a year to make sure they are in compliance with all legal requirements. A little work in the present, can prevent a lot of hassle in the future

It is possible for websites to be created and hosted out of Google or Gauchospace,

As Google Connect and Gauchospace are campus level services, for support please go to or