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This will step you through the process of preparing your Connect Account to allow other mail clients to access it in case you wish to use mail clients like Microsoft Outlook, Apple Mail Client, or your mobile devices to use other mail apps other than Gmail.

What you will need to do

First, you will need to log onto your Connect Mail by using this link

Next, in the upper right hand corner, you should see the following:

Click on the icon to get a menu and scroll down to Settings.

You should see a window similar to this:

We will want you to click on the Forwarding and POP/IMAP link:

From here, we will want to disable forwarding and have the IMAP settings to look similar to this picture:

We want to Enable IMAP, with the rest of the settings as default.

The reason we want Forwarding disabled, is so that the mail is read by the email client for the account.

You can keep the forwarding enabled, but you may want it to also keep UCSB Connect Mail’s copy in the Inbox so that the mail client reading your mail will be able to do so.