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Enterprise Technology Services (ETS) has provided a helpful webpage on setting up various email clients to the Campus Directory at:

Please note...

Effective August 1st 2014 this service will no longer be accessible outside of the UCSB campus networks. For off-campus access to email addresses we recommend using the People Finder service. Alternately we recommend using the Campus VPN Service for remote access to UCSB campus resources.

If you are having problems with the Campus Directory, you can contact ETS at


Those using the UCSB Connect Webmail Client, the campus directory should come up for those who are on UCSB Connect at the moment, otherwise, you can make use of the Contacts portion of UCSB Connect to create entries to look up later.

People making use of the Google Account and the GMail App for their device can also make use of the Campus Directory lookup that UCSB Connect provides.