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From time to time, we are asked for recommendations with regards to computer hardware or software.

This section is a recommendations section for the College of Engineering Staff and Faculty as well as Grad Students with regards to purchases for their Office or Labs.

Due to the fluid nature of technology, the recommendations can change within a month.

You should check the recommendations prior to purchasing to see if they have changed since the last time you have visited this site.

MonitorsScott KasaiAug 26, 2020
PC/Windows LaptopScott KasaiAug 26, 2020
PC/Windows WorkstationScott KasaiMay 19, 2020
Mac WorkstationScott KasaiMay 19, 2020
Not Recommended - ChromebooksMarc J. MillerApr 20, 2020
Cameras and MicrophonesMarc J. MillerMar 25, 2020
PrintersScott KasaiFeb 14, 2020
Mac LaptopScott KasaiJun 07, 2019

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