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Microsoft Visual Studio Code is software Microsoft makes available for free at  While Microsoft generally fixes issues the crop up on Windows operating systems, they have very little incentive to patch issues the crop up on their competitors operating systems, this results in a variety of issues that are known, have workarounds posted, but have not had their underlying issues solved. 

Problem 1

When accessing the software remotely from a Mac computer, certain keys do not work as intended. symptoms include pressing AltGr acts as Backspace, pressing C acts as ArrowLeft, or pressing e acts a delete, etc.

Solution 1

VS Code on Linux dispatches keybindings using scan codes to accommodate various keyboard layouts. This works well when sitting physically at the machine and the OS is the one creating keyboard events, but some virtualization / remote desktop software creates keyboard events with incorrect scan codes.

  1. go to file >> preferences>>settings

  2. search for "keyboard"

  3. click on "keyboard" (bottom one)

  4. use "keyboard.dispatch": "keyCode" in your settings instead of "Code"

  5. restart VS Code.

Problem 2

On a Mac or Linux computer, pressing key combinations results in no action. If solution 1 does not work, this might help

Solution 2

  1. go to file >> preferences>>keyboard shortcuts

  2. search for the action you want to the combination to call

  3. Right click on the listed combination and then click "remap"
  4. type the combination you want to use and then click enter

Problem 3

Microsoft Visual Studio Code is consuming a lot of CPU

Solution 3

High CPU consumption is often caused by an issue in an extension, especially if running remotely or from a non-windows environment. VS Code running multiple processes and extensions are executed by the Extension Host process.

Find out whether an extension is causing the high CPU load. You can open the Process Explorer using Help>Open Process Explorer to open a new window with a continuously updating list of VS Code processes.

Disable extensions one at a time to see if that extension is the one causing an issue

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