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This is recommendation for any purchases with regards to a Mac for UCSB usage.


We generally recommend getting either a Mac Mini or a Mac Pro.

We do not recommend the iMac at this time.

Recommended Configuration

RAM - 16 Gigs

Drive - 512 GB Flash Storage

The reason for the 16 Gig Memory is to allow for performance for the long run of 3 to 5 year operational use.

The recommendation of the Flash Storage allows for faster application startup and saving, but also allow for enough space.

256 Gig will not be sufficient for long term usage.

Fusion Drives

At the moment, ECI cannot recommend Fusion Drives as the latest version of the Apple File Provisioning System (AFPS) has been reported as not properly supporting older Fusion Drive as a boot drive and could cause problems. Newer Fusion drives are supported by AFPS but serious issues involving reliability and heat handling have been reported.

If you still wish to get the Workstation with a Fusion Drive, it is best to have it supported by Apple with any issues regarding the drive or if the system needs to be rebuilt.

AppleCare Warranty

At this time, it is highly recommended that you purchase the system with AppleCare Warranty for 3 years at the purchase of the hardware.

AppleCare has to be registered at purchase of the hardware as it is registered with the serial number.

If you get the AppleCare Coverage after purchase, the device needs to be certified first at the UCSB Bookstore or at a certified Apple Provider before the AppleCare can be applied.

Why have Applecare Warranty

Due to the nature of Apple Devices, any hardware related issue that may arise is covered by Apple to repair or replace the unit.

ECI cannot repair Apple devices and it is faster to have AppleCare handle the issue.

Recommended Peripherals

HDMI to DVI Adapter

If you are getting a monitor or have an existing monitor that does not do Mini-Displayport or HDMI, you may want to get the HDMI to DVI adapter to be included to allow hooking up to the monitor.

Thunderbolt to VGA Adapter

If you have a monitor that only has VGA, you will need this adapter.  Or if you wish to do a dual monitor setup with a monitor with VGA only.

Thunderbolt to DVI Adapter

If you have a monitor that can only do DVI or wish to add another monitor that has DVI connection.

Thunderbolt to HDMI Adapter

You will only need this adapter if you wish to connect a second monitor that has HDMI.

Optional Peripherals

Wireless Keyboards

Apple Magic Keyboard

Apple provides a Wireless Keyboard in two forms, a short Magic Keyboard and Magic Keyboard with Numeric Keypad.

Logitech Wireless Solar Keyboard K750

The Logitech Wireless Solar Keyboard has a rechargable battery using the solar cell on the keyboard.

Ideal for those who don't want to deal with battery replacements as much.

The keyboard does require being in a lit area from time to time to recharge the battery when not in operation.

The Logitech keyboard also requires 1 USB port for its wireless receiver.

Wireless Mouse/Pointer

Magic Mouse

Apple provides a wireless mouse.

Magic Trackpad

If a mouse is not something you wish to use, they also offer a Magic Trackpad.

Contour Rollermouse free3 (ergonomic and glove safe)

Another good option for those who have trouble with standard Apple mice, the rollermouse free3 features a large bar than can easily be moved with either hand.

What makes it stand out over touch sensitive mice above is that since all buttons are physical, you can use it while wearing gloves. Perfect for the post COVID-19 world.

Pictured below with their large key keyboard (also ergonomic and glove safe)