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Hyperion does not work on my Mac. App does not launch and/or webpage is not accessible.


Hyperion is Windows based software and does not work on any other operating system except through its web portal.

If you have an old Java based application for Hyperion for Mac, it most likely will not work on any supported Mac operation system. Old Java Applications should be deleted as they are a security risk.

  1. You must be on a secure network to be able to use all features of Hyperion. If you are not on campus using a wired network you will have to use the campus vpn
  2. Hyperion requires the use of java and flash on its website, Go to the Apple icon in the upper left hand corner and go to System Preferences. If Java and flash are installed, icons will appear in system preferences.
    1. In System Preferences click Flash Player, then go to the Updates tab, If Allow adobe to install updates (recommended) is not checked, you will want to click check now to make sure you are on the latest version of flash.
    2. In System Preferences click Java, When the java window opens go to the Update tab. If Check for Updates Automatically is not checked, you will want to click check now to make sure you are on the latest version of java.
  3. When sure you have Java and Flash and they are both up to date, you will want to open your Safari browser. Due to Chrome and Firefox moving away from java and flash, Hyperion will either not launch or will error if Safari is not used
  4. Safari by default automatically disables Java and Flash on a regular basis since these are older programs and considered insecure.
    1. To re-enable Java and Flash plugins: click "safari" >> "preferences" >> "Security" >> "Plug-in Settings" >> check the box next to java and flash and switch their default actions to "ask" from "no" or "not allowed"
  5. You should be able to login now with your Data Warehouse account. If you receive an error such as "user not found" please contact Data Warehouse or use the "request an account" button on the Data Warehouse website.

Your Data Warehouse account is Not the same as your UCSBnetID and should have a different password.

Please see Data Warehouse's website for more information.