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This is a quick guide to setup Google Calendar on iPhone/iPad with UCSB Connect Calendar.

First, start Google Calendar on your iPhone/iPad.

If you have not set up Gmail App on your iPhone/iPad, you should see this screen:

Just tap on Add a Google account, logging in with your UCSB Connect Email Address and your UCSB Connect Email Password.

Otherwise, if you did set up Gmail on your iPhone/iPad, it will list your Google Account from the app.  If you did not setup your UCSB Connect Account with the Gmail app, you can add it as mentioned above.

The App will ask for the following permissions:

  • Access to your Calendar

  • Access to your Contacts

  • Send Notifications

You can allow or don’t allow now.  If you wish to change this later, you can change it in Settings and scroll down to Google Calendar to change those settings.

Continue on and give the app a little time to sync with your UCSB Connect Calendar (and any other Google Account you may have allowed).

Google Calendar does rely on your iPhone/iPad contacts.  Unlike the Gmail App, it only knows of the Contacts available in your iPhone/iPad contacts for Calendar invites.

It is recommended that you Sync your UCSB Connect Account with your Contacts and add Contacts you may wish to do Calendar invites.