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Similar to the gContactSync addon, we will want to go to the Thunderbird Menu and then to Add-ons

We will then want to use the Search Add-ons box for Provider for Google Calendar

The add-on should look similar to this:

Click on the Install button on the right side, it should change to show this message:

Click on the Restart Now link and let Thunderbird restart.

Once it is done with its restart, in the upper right hand corner, click on the calendar icon…  The one with the 7 on it as show in this picture here:

This will bring up a new tab for a Calendar view.  In the Calendar are on the left side, under the Home one, right click to pull up this menu and go to New Calendar

This will bring up Create New Calendar window as shown below:

We will want to have On the Network selected and click on Next to continue.

Next, you will want to select Google Calendar then click Next.

This window should show your UCSB Connect Email for where you are connecting to get your UCSB Connect Calendar information from.  Click Next to continue.

The provider will then ask for your UCSB Connect Email Address again, so please verify it and click on Next.  It will then prompt you for your UCSB Connect Email Password.

Once you have verified your identity, it will show a permission window like this one:

Click on Allow to continue on.

The next window will ask what calendars on your UCSB Connect Calendar you would like to add:

Check off the Calendars you wish to have synced over to Thunderbird and click on Next.

The add-on will then add your calendar(s) to Thunderbird and when it is complete, it will show this window:

Click on Finish to close out this window and give Thunderbird a little time to sync up your calendar information.