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This is a quick guide to setup Android with a UCSB Connect for Mail, Contacts and Calendaring.

We will be using the native/built in functionality of Gmail with Android.

Note – The images here came from a Samsung Galaxy S6.  Different Android devices will have a different look or style, but should be similar in the setup.

First, we will want to go into settings, which would be the Gear icon you should see in the upper right hand corner when you swipe down the status bar…

Or from within the Apps section.

Next, we will want to scroll down the Settings window until we find Accounts...

Next, we will want to tap on Add Account

To set up the UCSB Connect account, we will want to tap on Google and start the process:

It will ask for your Google Email, which you will provide your UCSB Connect Email…

Tap Next, then it will ask for your UCSB Connect Email password, then tap Next to continue.

This screen will pop up near the end, you must tap Accept to finish the set up.

It should return you to the Accounts screen.  We will need to tap on Google and then the account you set up to do some fine tuning…

Here, you will probably want to switch the sync (On or off) for the items you want your UCSB Connect Account to sync with your Android device.

We recommend the following to be set On:

  • Calendar – For your UCSB Connect Calendar

  • Contacts – For your UCSB Connect Contacts and access to the UCSB Identity Directory for Mail and Calendaring purposes.

  • Gmail – For your UCSB Connect Mail

The rest can be left Off unless you desire otherwise.

What if I already have Gmail already set up?

If you already have Gmail already set up on your Android, you can set up a new account as shown above, or you can also do it this way…

In the upper left hand corner, tap on the three bar icon similar to this:

Then tap on your Gmail Account, similar to this:

This will pull up a Menu for accounts like this:

Tap on Add Account and it will show this screen:

Next, tap Google, then Next.

This will go through the same process as above to adding an account.  Once you are set up, Gmail will then look similar to this:

You can now switch between the Gmail Accounts by tapping on the icon corresponding to the Account you want to be in.

The Gmail App will only pull contacts related to the account it is on.

So your Personal Gmail will not pull contacts from your UCSB Connect Account or from the UCSB Identity Directory unless you use the Link Contacts to them.

Most of the Android Devices’ Contacts and Calendars are similar in function, so setting up a Google Account, even without Google Calendar installed, will still sync like it was Google Calendar.

Contacts will show UCSB Identity Directory only under the search.  This does not fill your Contacts with the UCSB Directory.