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You are trying to log onto UCSB Connect and unable to do so.


There are a few possible reasons this could be happening...

  1. Wrong user name - Your UCSB Connect Username is <ucsbnetid username>
  2. Wrong Password - Your UCSB Connect Password is your UCSB NetID Password.
  3. You forgot your password - You can reset your password through UCSB Identity and Directory Services


ECI does not have much direct control over the UCSB Connect User Accounts other than adding aliases to the account for the College of Engineering Domains.

If you still have a Password issue, you can try and reset your password at:

UCSB Identity and Directory Services

Generally, a password reset via Identity should update the UCSB Connect Password, however this can take up to 24 hours for the change to go into effect.

If you are still having problems connecting with UCSB Connect, you will need to contact UCSB Connect Support here:

UCSB Connect Support