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You are looking for the "X:" drive on the Windows Computers at the Honea (CSIL/E1 Lab), Auhll Center, E2 Lab or at the Cooper Lab


As of June 30th 2018, there have been some SAMBA changes that does not mount your home directory to the X Drive on the CoE Windows computers when you first log in.

For the moment, you can manually mount your home directory on the computer by following the instructions above listed under For PC on Connecting to a Network/Samba Share.


In the case of the Folder, you would use \\\<username> and you can use whatever letter you wish for the drive.

For example: johndoe would be the username for

So the folder you would use would be \\\johndoe

From Remote Desktop

Using the Microsoft Remote Desktop advanced options when connecting, "Local Resources" tab on Windows or "Folders" tab on Mac, you can specify folders on your local computer to appear on the remote Windows computer under "This PC" or "C:"